Most of my fanfictions for TVD are mainly the character of Bonnie Bennett/Any. If you don't like it, please no hating. Just click the back button.

TITLE: Puer Autem Prophetiae
SYNOPSIS: Over a thousand years ago, there was a great prophecy written, Puer Autem Prophetiae. A child would be created from a vampire and the most powerful witch that ever lived. Bonnie Bennett had just graduated college and was beginning to start her life away from Mystic Falls. But it wasn't easy, due to dealing with a psychotic ex, Damon Salvatore, who just wouldn't leave her alone. Niklaus Mikaelson, a vampire/werewolf hybrid was trying to resurect his one true love, Cassia, in order to fulfill the prophecy. What will happen when Bonnie becomes a part of this dangerous ploy? Will Niklaus get everything he wants? Or will Damon save the woman he loves?
PAIRINGS: Bonnie/Damon Klaus/Bonnie Klaus/Cassia Caroline/Tyler Stefan/Katherine
STATUS: Coming Soon...